I'm revealing my secrets & strategies to help you achieve lash retention of up to 9 weeks.

If you're tired of clients telling you they've lost a ton of lashes within days of their lash appointment and you want to create a predictable work schedule, maximize your time and build a successful lash business, you need the Lash Retention Blueprint.

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It was the day I almost gave up the idea of being a full-time lash artist.

It was my client's 2 week touch up appointment and there I was... staring at 5 lash extensions dangling off of her lashes.  Two on the left eye and three on the right.   As she laid there with her eyes closed, she took comfort in knowing she'd be paying for a touch up... even though I was applying a full set. In that moment, I thought to myself, "there's no way that I can keep giving away full sets and only charging for a touch up.  I could be making more money working a desk job in corporate America."

I had tried over 12 different adhesives that had been recommended by my peers...

...and every time I changed adhesives, it was like starting from scratch.  I had to switch up my process and learn how to use each of them.  Then I'd hold my breath, hoping this would be the one that would give me the results I wanted.  Unfortunately, what seemingly worked great for my peers just wasn't working great for me and although I tried everything that was recommended to me, my lash retention was still terrible.  

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And that's when I realized

I couldn't just replace my adhesive and expect a massive change in results.  There was more that I needed to know if I was going to improve my lash retention. I couldn't keep relying on the advice of my peers because what worked for them wasn't working for me. 

If I was going to have a profitable career as a lash artist I had to take full ownership of my future and learn everything I needed to know to master my craft and achieve the strongest lash retention possible.  I knew achieving strong lash retention consistently meant I'd spend less time on touch ups and have more time to accept new clients. 

After months of working with lash product manufacturers, learning all of the things that effect lash retention, I created a 5-step blueprint to achieve lash retention of up to 9 weeks.  Once I implemented this process, my lash retention went from days to up to 9 weeks. 

With the Lash Retention Blueprint, you'll learn


How to choose the best adhesive for your lash business based on your specific environment and how to get the best performance from it

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The best way to prepare your client's lashes for lash application whether you're applying a new set, touch up, classic, volume or mega volume.

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How to apply lash extensions to your clients lashes to achieve the strongest possible lash retention whether it's a classic set, volume set or mega volume

"Once you know the 5 steps to achieving lash retention of up to 9 weeks, you'll make more money in your lash business, spend less time on touch ups and build a lasting career as a lash artist"

Now's your opportunity to consistently achieve strong lash retention for every client

Take the Lash Retention Blueprint Masterclass today and watch your lash retention improve dramatically!